Matthew Harris in January of 2011

Matthew Harris is a 17-year-old teenager born and residing in Corona, CA.  Matthew has made videos since he was 13.  He started with a YouTube channel under the name AskAJew and made videos that were unrelated to Judaism or religion.  The videos were very random and were all mostly direct upload videos meaning Matthew was recording videos straight from YouTube.com without any editing.  The most viewed video on AskAJew before the channel was deleted was a video response to a “rick-roll” type video labeled Porn: XXX which was forwarded to Matthew in an e-mail by a friend.

Once the channel was deleted by Matthew he branched out to Machinima and his first trailer made for Machinima (Unseen Soldier) was uploaded onto their YouTube channel and has received 24, 400 views on their YouTube channel.  The trailer being made with less than grade A equipment and editing software, the community has been negative with the trailer.

Today, Matthew is on YouTube as mattryanharris and makes two types of videos at the moment.  He started out with making a news type show that revolves around stories that matter to him, with his opinion given on the topic.  The second show which is done every Sunday, Something Sunday.  Something Sunday is where Matthew does not take his medication for his ADHD* before filming and rants about stuff that he wants to talk about or what his subscribers want him to talk about.  He does this behind a green screen backdrop.

Matthew’s personal goal for YouTube is to become apart of their Partner Program that allows for Matthew to place advertisements on his videos and allow him to make revenue.

*Matthew does take the medication after the video is done being filmed.  His doctor who prescribes the medication has said this is safe and would not cause harm to Matthew’s health.